Pontefract escorts

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Escort agencies in Pontefract are businesses for adult entertainment. Services are only provided with the consent of both adults. This being, the escort and the customer. The Pontefract escort agency is responsible for advertising, promoting and making appointments for the girls. Based on what the girls tell us. We cannot, and will not, ask an escort to do a service that she does not want to do.  

Customers must be respectful to Pontefract escorts! In return, they will be respectful to the customer. Therefore, no shouting, violence, aggression or making the escort to feel uncomfortable. Customers must remember that they are paying for her time. During that time, she will make the customer happy. There is no reason to be disrespectful.  Our escort agency in Pontefract will not accept bad behavior or language to our girls or receptionists. This is a happy establishment and we want it to remain that way please.